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Able Flat Pack Builders Ltd is a professional furniture assembly service, offered to residential clients In Hertfordshire,Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and in the London area.

The excitement of bringing home a new piece of furniture will often turn into frustration while looking at the instruction manual. Sometimes the pictures are confusing, parts don’t fit together and might even be missing. More often than not, the result is a far less excited furniture owner.

We at Able Flat Pack Builders Ltd have recognised the need of a convenient furniture assembly service, performed as reliably and timely as possible. Our friendly assemblers have vast experience with making sense out of even the trickiest of instruction manuals; we will have your new furniture up on its feet in no time and moved to its designated location in your home.

Spare yourself the tedious frustration of relying on the instruction manual - with Able Flat Pack Builders Ltd, you can feel confident that your furniture is taken care of and assembled correctly. We will handle it with the utmost care and make sure that every part is fitted where it belongs.

This quality control does not only ensure that the furniture is durable and of a high standard; it also eliminates the risk of any accidents that usually occurs when the furniture is not assembled correctly.

Contact our helpful team of assemblers today and we will make your relationship with the new furniture a breeze, carefully and professionally.

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