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1. Definitions "You" is any customer or potential customer viewing this website or anyone calling our telephone booking system or email. "Us" and "We" refers to, "fitters" or "the fitter" refers to whichever person you select to assemble your furniture or whichever representative of Able flat pack builders Ltd is sent to you or whichever third part is subcontracted in order to operate your booking.

Scope and Applicability

2. These rules and regulations apply to all bookings. No contract is to exist between Able Flat Pack Builders Ltd and you. When booking online, via phone or email and agreeing to a booking You are entering a contract with your fitter, details of which can be obtained on request. We introduce you to independent trade’s people who have indicated that they can fulfil your request by way of sending you their contact details and for this we charge a deposit or Web Convenience Fee.

2.1 All bookings are operated in accordance with rules and regulations set down by your fitter. You should seek clarification of this before confirming a booking.

2.3 By introducing you to a tradesperson or fitter we in no way imply that we have verified their suitability to fulfil your needs and you are responsible for ensuring that the fitter or tradesperson is suitable and able to fulfil your needs.

Delays and cancellations

3. In the event of a delay to assembling your Items, no compensation will be offered by us nor will We be held responsible for any loss or damage to your Items, you or any of your property or anybody in or in the vicinity of your property. These conditions apply whether or not you own or rent your property or if assembly is to take place in business premises.

3.1. In the event that not all of your items are delivered we will assemble the available items during our visit. In the event that items are missing we will return to install the items once available for our minimum callout fee which will be charged for each subsequent visit.

3.2 In the event that the fitter is late and your booking is more than three hours late you are entitled to cancel your booking without paying any cancellation fee. We reserve the right to reschedule a booking to within three hours of the original booking time. If we must amend you’re booking to a time exceeding three hours of your original booking time you can reschedule to another day or claim a full refund without any penalty.

3.4 In the event that You or anyone else takes a day off work for your fitter, and your fitter does not attend or is late We will not offer any compensation or reimbursement of lost holiday pay, entitlement or other costs.


4.1. If You have a problem with your furniture after your fitter has left, you should contact Able Flat Pack Builders Ltd and we will resolve this matter locally with the fitter.

4.2. We will not assume any responsibility for any loss, damage or injury caused by contracted fitters under any circumstances. You should claim any costs from your fitter.

4.3. In the first instance you should contact your fitter to resolve the matter locally. If the matter is not resolved please email us the details of the issue. If We feel that your fitter has not resolved the issue satisfactorily we will review the particulars of each case and may remove your fitter from our database. Notwithstanding this fact, we will not pay any compensation or pay for any replacements in part or in neither whole nor will we pay for another fitter to resolve the issue. You should check your items once they are assembled as it is not possible to claim that your furniture has not been assembled to an acceptable quality once your assembler has left.

4.4. Your fitter will assemble furniture or equipment in accordance with the instructions provided by the retailer or supplier. In the event that instructions are not available, your fitter will assemble the furniture but cannot be held responsible for errors due to the lack of instructions.

4.5. In the event that your fitter cannot provide you with proof of insurance you should immediately call us on 020 32857402 or email with the details of your fitter. If it is found that a fitter is not insured then you should cancel the booking and inform us immediately.

4.6. In the event that your fitter no longer works for Able Flat Pack Builders Ltd at the time any complaint is made by you we will forward you the last known contact details of your fitter however We will in no way assume responsibility for any action, loss or damage nor will we offer any credit towards remedial work, repair or replacement and no partial refund or full refund be paid by us nor will any compensation be paid by us.

4.7 On occasion we will hire a Third Party in order to operate your booking. Although we carefully select these Third Parties, we will not be held responsible for any loss or damaged caused by the Third Party and you seek any associated costs from the Third Party. You remain responsible for checking Insurance details of the Third Party.


5. If You wish to pay in cash it must be paid to your fitter in full in Pounds Sterling (GBP) and in no other currency.

5.1. If You wish to pay by credit or debit card or PayPal You must do this online no later than 18:00 Local Time the night before we are due to arrive. If payment is not made in full by this time we will cancel your booking and no compensation will be paid. An administration fee is charged for all credit, debit or PayPal payments. All online payments are in accordance with the rules and regulations set down by PayPal for full details of these please visit

5.2. We will not be held responsible for any loss suffered by using online payments. Online payments are made in accordance with the terms and conditions set down by PayPal.

5.3 Only items on the job sheet, text, email or online request form are included in any quote you’re given. If you do not include an item on a job sheet, text, email or online request form then these items can still be assembled on payment of the standard rate and subject to the availability of your fitter.

5.4 Item(s) must be in the same room in which they are to be assembled in. If they require movement this will be done at the discretion of the fitter on payment of a Repositioning Fee.

5.5 We reserve the right to charge interest on a daily basis at a rate of 5% above the Bank of England Interest Rate for all late payments.


6. Should You wish to cancel You must give us as much notice as possible. If You pre-pay and cancel your booking You will pay a fee depending on how much notice is given. For full details please consult the Cancelation Fees section below. All deposits are non-refundable but can be amended up until 24 hours prior to our scheduled arrival time. If you cancel within this time or no show then you will forfeit the deposit paid.

6.1 If you choose to pay by cash or cheque you must cancel no later than 23:00 local time on the night before we are due to attend. We reserve the right to charge a late cancellation fee of 50GBP if you do not do this however you may reschedule your booking on payment of a 10.00 GBP supplement however any subsequent booking may be cancelled however a late cancellation fee of 50.00 GBP will be charged.

6.2 If you pre pay you may make changes to your booking or cancel your booking in time up until 23:00 local time on the night prior to our scheduled arrival and money paid will be refunded less a 10.00 GBP admin fee.

6.3 Changes made within 24 hours of our scheduled arrival time will incur a change fee of 10.00 GBP per change. If you need to increase the number of items to be installed then you will be liable to pay the difference in price only if the furniture can be assembled in one visit and should further visits be required you will be charged not less than our minimum callout charge per additional visit. If you require us to assemble fewer items then no refund will be made if you have pre-paid online.

6.4 Your fitter should be able to produce proof of insurance and the event that the fitter is unable to provide proof of insurance you are entitled to cancel the booking however no compensation will be paid.


7. Our prices and services include the assembling and or dismantling of furniture as mentioned in your Quote.

7.1. We do not routinely fit furniture to your walls. If You would like the assembler to attach an item to a wall or attach a support or any other device used to steady an item of furniture, You accept that We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the wall or contents within the wall, building, structure, person, vehicle, vessel or any item within a building, vessel or structure by the assembler. This is done at your risk and you must give permission to the assembler in order to do this.

7.2. Notwithstanding the fact that You may or may not have supplied adequate screws and or fastenings for your specific wall type, Able Flat Pack Builders Ltd will not be held responsible for any damage caused. All drilling into walls, ceilings, supports, trusses or any other structure is at the risk of you and we will not pay any damages nor compensation for any damage or injury caused nor will we be held responsible.

Completion of work

8. If we arrive and all of the items are missing then our minimum 50.00 GBP call out fee/first hour fee will be charged. If we spend over an hour assembling your furniture and it becomes apparent that a part is missing or is damaged we reserve the right to bill you for the time spent already. You will be issued with a receipt for this. We reserve the right to recover our fees using an appointed third party civil recovery firm if you fail to pay. If you would like us to return at a later date you must rebook and pay the applicable fees as described in our Prices section.

8.1 Before using any assembled or part assembled furniture, structure or equipment or any other item we assemble you must check to ensure the item is structurally sound and we accept no responsibility for any loss or injury caused by the use or misuse of any item assembled.

8.2 In the event that you require us to modify any item of furniture, any component part, fixture, fitting or support you accept this is done completely at your own risk and although every effort will be taken to avoid damage we nor your Fitter will be held responsible for the replacement nor the payment for a replacement part that is modified at your request.

Price Matching

9. Although We aim to beat competitor quotes by up to 10%, We stress that this is our aim and not a guarantee. We do not guarantee to beat other quotes. If we offer a reduced quote and we find that you have mislead us regarding a competitor quote we reserve the right to cancel your booking.

Receipts, invoices and proofs of purchase
10. If you require a letter to be written for the purpose of claiming for our fee on your buildings or contents insurance to assemble any damaged or replacement furniture then we will provide you with a non amendable letter headed receipt. There is a charge for this in accordance with our Scheme of Charges and this charge will appear on the letter/receipt and can usually be claimed for.

10.1 No receipt or proof of purchase will be provided until such a time that the total agreed amount payable for the work is paid in full. No part invoice, receipt or proof of purchase will be provided for partial payments.


11. You should check with your fitter to ensure that they are adequately insured for the work they have been contracted by you to perform. By agreeing to a booking you are agreeing that you have checked the validity of the insurance policy which covers the fitter.

Quote Validity

12.1 Included in the price is the construction of items in your original request. Only one simple interior fitting is included per frame. Interior fittings include a shelf, a clothes rail, a hook, a rack of hooks, a divider or any one interior fitting requiring two or less screws, nails or supports. Complex interior fittings (including but not limited to drawers, chest of drawers, shoe racks and organisers) are included as part of a quote only when specifically stated by you. If we arrive and items are not as described we reserve the right to charge you a supplement for the construction of any interior fittings. Drawers are not included in the construction of a frame.

12.2 We reserve the right to withdraw your quote should we be unable to assign you a fitter however we will endeavour to assign a fitter to your booking.

12.3 Quotes are valid for 14 consecutive days following the transmission of the quote to you.

12.4 In the event that you are provided with an incorrect quote we reserve the right to invalidate the incorrect quote and provide you with a correct one.


13. We will take details of your request and will suggest to you a suitable supplier ("fitter"). For this we charge a variable Web Convenience Fee. You may pay this direct to us as a deposit or you may pay us the full amount which we will deduct our Web Convenience Fee. Our liability will be limited by our Web Convenience fee charge to you. Although we will always take reasonable steps to check suitability, by suggesting a suitable supplier we in no way imply that the supplier is qualified or insured to carry out any work. You are responsible for referencing and checking insurance.

13.1 Our liability will be limited to not more that the Web Convenience Fee received by us directly from You or the fitter.

13.2 We will not be held responsible for any damage to property and will accept no liability for any injury caused by any item assembled by the fitter and no provision is made for the replacement of any damaged item(s) caused by a direct or indirect result of the actions of the fitter.


14.1 A warranty is included on all bookings and applies to workmanship only for a period of not more than Twelve months after furniture is assembled. An extended workmanship guarantee is available,following our visit and will commence after furniture is assembled or from the day that your warranty is activated and any relevant fee paid where applicable and we must be notified no later than the last day of your warranty.

14.2 In the event of a claim you must contact Us immediately by email should You discover a defect with the workmanship concerning the assembly of the items and no defect in the manufacturing process can be found we will begin the claim process to resolve the issue

14.3 It must be proven without doubt that the workmanship was defective in the assembly of the items before any claim will be paid

14.4 In the event of a successful claim we will arrange for a fitter to perform remedial work at our expense and convenience up to a maximum of £50.00 and any additional work carried out will be done so at your expense. We will arrange for remedial work and any replacement parts that may be required to rectify an issue

14.5 In the event of a claim you must submit photographic proof as well as a comprehensive description of the problem we will work with the fitter to ascertain whether or not your complaint is due to a manufacturing error or an error in the assembly of the items

14.6 In the event that We can find no proof that the issue is caused by an error in assembly We believe that damage has been caused deliberately or due to misuse or a manufacturing error or the issue is caused by wear and tear Your claim will be rejected

14.7 Should an error in assembly lead to the damage of a component of an item of furniture and it can be proven that the damage was caused by an error of construction then We will be limited to replacing the damaged component and installing the replacement component on the original item. Replacement components will be of a similar condition and if we are unable to procure a replacement component we will be limited to the web convenience fee paid for your booking.

14.8 In the event that furniture is moved to a different position in which it was assembled this warranty will be deemed invalid and no claim may be made against this warranty including furniture which you have requested us to move.

14.9 Should we find or should we suspect that furniture has been misused including but not limited to overloading of shelves, clothes rails or any fitting both interior or exterior and including doors or drawers a claim on this warranty will be declined

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with English Law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Scheme of charges:

Hourly fee: £25.00
Minimum Callout: £35.00
PayPal Administration Fee: 4.0% per booking
Admin Fee for Insurance Letter/Receipt: £10.00
Repositioning Fee: £5.00 per booking
Extended workmanship guarantee': £15.00

Cancellation fees:

If you pre-pay you agree to pay the following cancellation charges based on our booked arrival time.

Cancellation made prior to 23:00 local time on the night before our scheduled arrival: 10.00 GBP
Cancellation made after 23:00 local time on the night before our scheduled arrival: 50.00 GBP*

*You may rebook once on pre-payment of a 10.00 GBP rebooking fee which must be paid online. Credit will remain active for 28 days from our original booked date and should any subsequent booking be cancelled a 50.00 GBP charge will apply notwithstanding the time at which the subsequent booking be cancelled.

Website Usage Policy

All efforts will be made to ensure that our website and emails are free of viruses and offensive material however no guarantees can be made. We recommend that your virus scanners are kept up to date but we will assume no responsibility for any loss or damage caused.

When contacting us your details will be made available to fitters in your area and will only be used by your fitter to contact you regarding your query.

We will endeavour to answer general queries but specific questions, or those relating to a specific booking will be answered by a fitter who it part of Able Flat Pack Builders Ltd. Although using a Able Flat Pack Builders Ltd email address, the contents of the emails and or phone calls are not endorsed by Able Flat Builders Ltd and do not necessarily reflect our views.

We will never pass on your details to any third parties who are not wholly owned subsidiaries of Able Flat Pack Builders Ltd In accordance with the Information Commissioner's Office guidelines, when contacting us; this is classed as a 'soft opt-in' for marketing materials. This is a soft opt-in as we are only advertising our products or very similar products supplied by ourselves or subsidiaries of and therefore we are not required to give you the option to not receive marketing material from us. Should you wish to be removed from our mailing list you should email where we aim to remove you from the mailing list within 48 hours.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of England we promise to keep your details secure and they will never be transmitted to a third party. Your details will be made available to appointed representatives of us, namely your fitter. Your details will be kept as a record of you using our service and will be kept as long as required should you activate your warranty.

We may forward your details to another assembly service who may contact you with an additional quote. Your details will not be forwarded on to another third party.

We may contact you via SMS using our contact phone numbers. This is done in accordance with our Terms and Conditions and will only be to relay information of an important nature regarding your booking and will not be used for marketing.